You can see the best questions about me !

  • I'm a GrayHat Hacker! I have familiarsing about Web Programming and Web Designing!
    at all Iam Hacker & Programmer and Photographer & Web Designer

  • I started this vocation (hack) at the age of 10 !
    Then at the age of 12 i started Programming and web designing !
    But at all i love "Hack"

  • The king of Anonymous Security team of Telegram(unknown) taught me Hack !
    Then the leader of AnonySec Team(Reza Cloner) taught me Programming!
    But i learn some vocations from the another persons ! they are my teachers !

  • Yes , why not?
    In "Anonymous Team of telegram" and "Irhack Security team" i had many Students !!

  • I'll have a Cyber Security Company in the World !!
    I love this vocation and job...!!

  • I'm the Guardian and Moderator of AnoySec Team!!
    Beside this , Iam the Productive of "IrHack Security team" and the Leader of Anonymous Team(in Telegram) !!

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